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Optimization Service

Google Business Profiles are a game-changer for small businesses looking to boost their SEO.


When you set up your profile with all the right details — like your opening hours, where you’re located, and what you offer — you’re making it easier for Google to put you front and center in local searches on Google Search and Maps.

It’s all about staying visible and relevant; the more updates and interaction your profile displays, the better Google recognizes your business as a go-to spot.

Because Google is now prioritizing businesses that keep up to date Business Profiles, you can rank higher in search results, pulling in more organic traffic without the heavy lifting.

What we do in the first month


Keyword Optimization

Identify the top 10 keywords crucial for your business’s SEO success. We then optimize your Google Business Profile and other directory listings with these keywords to enhance search visibility.


Review Management

Provide a QR code and a link to encourage customer reviews, aiming to boost your Google rating with more 5-star reviews. Negative feedback is directed to your email, allowing for private resolution and maintaining a positive public image.


Authority Content Creation

Increase your profile’s authority by developing high-authority content on Google platforms, utilizing your keywords as anchor text. This method, known as Cloud Stacking, strengthens your SEO through strategic content placement.

Weekly Google Business Posts

Regularly publish posts on your Google Business Profile featuring custom graphics aligned with your brand identity. This continuous activity keeps your profile active and engaging for users.

Review Engagement

Offer the option to actively respond to reviews on your Google Business Profile, enhancing customer engagement and demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Work we do every month

Publish weekly Google Business Updates

using keyword specific optimized text & images with your branding on them (examples on next slide).

Upload the Google post’s images

to all of your directory listings (Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.) to help you rank on more than just Google.

Reply to your Google reviews

and notify you if you are not getting enough reviews to rank higher.

Ask and reply to three questions and answers

on your Google Business Profile using your target keywords in them.

Send you a progress report

that shows you the ranking
improvements we’ve helped you achieve. They include heatmap graphics.

Full service timelines

You filled out the onboarding form and we’ve assigned an SEO expert to review the info provided along with your website to determine the best keywords and overall strategy.

Initial Setup

Day 1 – 5
Now that we have the keyword strategy completed, we get to work building your master citation in our Listings platform, along with your review request tools.

Citations Optimization
Day 2 – 55+
We’ve begun syncing, updating, and creating new citations for you on all major search directories and location based apps. We will continue to send updates every few days to build authority ongoing.
Day 5
We send you an email with your review tools and ask you to connect your Facebook page to our Listings platform. This is when we need you to start asking your customers for reviews.
Review Management
Day 5 – 55+
By now we’ve started responding to your Google reviews (optional). We will reply to reviews that are up to 90 days old, and will then reply to reviews roughly every two business days moving forward, if not daily.
Google Posts
Day 20 – 55+
By now we’ve written SEO optimized business updates based on your keyword strategy and created your custom graphics, and will begin posting an update to your Google Business profile once per week.
Service Descriptions
Day Day 20 – 45
By now we’ve optimized your service descriptions inside the Google Business Profile manager itself.
Authority Building
Day Day 20 – 55
We start improving your online authority by building proximity maps and high authority backlinks from Google properties. These are crawled by Google and not seen by people.
Day 30 – 55+
By this time you would have received your first progress report. We send these on the 3rd day of each calendar month.
Image Uploading

Day 45 – 55+
Around this time we’ve uploaded the four weekly Google Business Post images from the previous month to our Listings platform so they get sent to other directories, such as Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. We do this monthly.

Day 45 – 55+
Around this time we would have asked and responded to the first 3 questions and answers on your Google Business Profile using your target keywords. We do this monthly.

Google Business Profile Managed Services

$499.00 / month and a $499.00 setup fee

Our team handles everything, from updating citations to ensure consistent and accurate business information across the web to actively managing your profile for increased visibility on Google Maps. By regularly updating your profile with high-quality content, we help you stay at the top of local search results, putting your business front and center when potential customers are looking for services like yours.

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